Barn Door Baby Gate

Hello, friends. I haven’t blogged in a bit but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy doing some projects that I’m excited to share with you. My friend Angela, who is an amazing interior designer in the Denver area at AI Interiors, approached me about making this barn door baby gate for her mobile little one. I had never made a baby gate before but I liked the idea of a new challenge.

There are several great tutorials out there on how to make a barn door baby gate so I won’t be doing a step by step tutorial. I chose to use the easy to follow tutorial by which you can find here. I mostly followed her plans, but I did change a few things, like adding two pieces of wood on each side that I could drill the hardware into.

I’m so excited about how the barn door baby gate turned out. It especially looks great in my friends beautiful home.

Baby Gate 1

Baby Gate 2

Baby Gate 3

Here’s a photo of the back side. She chose to have the vertical planks on this side so the little man doesn’t use the X to climb on. We also put the latch on the opposite side so the baby won’t be able to see it or learn how to open the gate.

Baby Gate 7

I really like how when it’s open it adds a lot of character to the space.

Baby Gate 6

Baby Gate 8

They were also kind enough to let me be a part of their kitchen remodel and paint their cabinets white. Hopefully one day soon we’ll get you some awesome before and after photos of their kitchen. They have done so much to this space and it looks so beautiful.

Baby Gate 10

Baby Gate 5

If you’re in the Denver area and looking for an interior designer, I highly recommend my friend, Angela. Check out her website at

What do you think of the barn door baby gate?


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