Buffet Table Redo

It seems like forever since I’ve posted a furniture redo, so I thought it was about time we change that. Our buffet table got a little refresh, because I ended up not loving the color I painted it earlier this year. When we first got this piece I was excited that it matched our wood table so well. However, as time went on, and my taste in decor changed, I decided there was too much wood in this tiny space and the buffet needed to be a lighter color. The hubs is always a bit hesitant to ‘okay’ me painting over nice wood, but he usually trust my judgment. Here’s what the buffet table/dresser looked like before I painted it the first time.

Buffet Before

For the first change I made my own chalk paint with Behr Rhino and lightened this piece up. Here’s what it looked like for several months.

After First Color

Everyone thought it looked white so here’s a better photo to show it’s actually a grey with a hint of blue. It was more blue than grey depending on how the light hit it.

After First Color 2

I changed out the hardware to these satin nickel knobs. Over time, I didn’t like that the buffet was more blue than grey and decided it needed a redo.

Here’s what the buffet table looks like now. I actually painted this beauty over a month ago, I was just waiting for my hardware to come in the mail before revealing it.

Buffet Table 3

It might not look like a huge difference to you, but let me tell you, it’s now a beautiful grey that gives this space the warmth I was looking for. I’m way more in love with this piece now than before. The paint I used is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. I also purchased these oil rubbed bronze pulls that match our cabinets. The buffet table got a slight distress around some of the edges, but I didn’t go all out because instead of getting the original wood color when distressing, the lighter paint color started to show through which I wasn’t a huge fan of.

Buffet Table 2

Buffet Table 4

Buffet Table 5

Here’s a view of our entire dining area to give you a better idea of this space.

Dining Room


Fall is my favorite time of year and I’ve enjoyed decorating this space for the season. I don’t tend to go all out when decorating for various seasons, but I like to add simple changes to a room that gives a little refresh. Also, please don’t pay attention to the fact that our chandelier is off centered from the table, I still need to fix that (oops).

Dining Room3

Buffet Table 1

What do you think of the buffet table redo?


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6 thoughts on “Buffet Table Redo

  1. So beautiful! Looooove the makeover!

  2. What a change! the power of paint! Good choice. How do you like the difference between homemade chalk paint and Annie Sloan?

    • Hey there, Thank you so much! I love both Annie Sloan and Homemade chalk paint. Although I love Annie Sloan paint, the colors are limited which is why I opt to make my own sometimes. Rustoleum just came out with a chalk paint line that I can’t wait to try.

  3. Where did you get the grain sack style runner??? Must know! 😍

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