Diy Candle Holders

I’ve been meaning to make something with these turquoise, chippy spindles my friend gave me a while back. Yesterday, I randomly decided to create some candle holders with the spindles. I just love how they turned out. This was one of those projects that I kind of planned as I went along, but sometimes that’s the best way to go about a diy project, at least that’s how I roll.

Here are the spindles in all their turquoise glory.

Chippy Spindles

Chippy Spindles 2

This textured part of the spindles are the coolest part.

Here are some of the supplies I used to create this candle holder look.


Things you’ll need:

  1. Spindles / or something similar
  2. Scrap Wood Pieces (for the top and bottom)
  3. Spray paint / chalk paint / or any paint really
  4. Gorilla wood glue
  5. Miter saw – to cut spindles and scrap wood
  6. Optional – I used sand paper to get my spindle pieces smooth


  • I started by cutting my spindles at different lengths.
  • Then I cut 2 pieces for each the top and the bottom of the candle holder, with one piece being smaller on each end.
  • I then sanded all my edges well.
  • I started by gluing the end pieces together. After that, I glued my spindle piece onto one of the ends.
  • Once that has dried, attach the other end. Wait for everything to dry before spray painting.
  • Spray the whole piece with color of choice. I chose Rustoleum Satin Granite
  • Let dry, and style.

Pretty easy, right? Here’s what my candle holders look like.

Candle Holder 4

Candle Holder 6

Since the spindles were given to me and I ended up using scrap wood and other essentials I had on hand, these beauties ended up being free to make. Isn’t it fun when you can use things you already have to make something cool?

Candle Holder 1

They really turned out better than I expected. Even the hubs complimented them and said they look like something I would’ve bought at the store. I’m also loving this fresh, new Fall mantel.

Candle Holder 2

Sneak Peek

I snipped these branches from one of our trees out front and I think it adds the perfect touch of Fall to this mantel. You can’t beat free greenery, right?

Candle Holder 7

What do you think of my Diy candle holders I whipped up?


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