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You guys, huge shout out to my amazing Mom who made my painters drop cloths into an actual couch cover. I’m so excited about it!!! It was no easy task, but she was so sweet to spend a portion of her trip here to work on this project for me. This will not be a tutorial, because let’s be honest, I don’t know how to sew and can’t really tell you how she did it. However, I have some awesome before and after photos that will show you why I’m so excited about this makeover.

So, when the hubs and I first got married we began purchasing furniture for our house that I liked at the time but later realized that I don’t love. I’ve slowly discovered my decor style this past year, therefore a lot of our furniture has received a makeover. Our sectional sofa was no exception. I would have loved to purchase a new white sofa, but it isn’t in the budget to buy a new couch right now. So, I went to the Home Depot and purchased 3 drop cloths and covered my couch by basically tucking in all the extra fabric. I was in love with the look but wasn’t in love with the pulling and tucking every time someone sat on the couch. I’m way too much of a perfectionist for that. My Mom has always been my ‘sewer’, it’s one way we spend quality time together, and luckily she was planning on visiting a few weeks after I bought the drop cloths.

Here is the couch before the drop cloths.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 2

Coffee Table

This is the sectional with the drop cloths but before my Mom made the slipcover.

Living Room 2

All the corners looked a bit off so I had to put throw blankets over each side of the couch so people wouldn’t notice. Overall, I really loved this transformation. Like I said before, the only downside was that every time someone sat on the couch I had to pull and tuck.

Here’s my Mom’s beautiful work.

Living Room 1

Living Room 3Living Room 10

The details of the couch aren’t perfect, but I think they look amazing. I no longer have to use a throw blanket to cover them.

Living Room 7

Living Room 8

Living Room 5

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but you see those large white pillows, well I sewed one of those covers all by myself. It was quite the accomplishment. I could have done the rest but my Mom is 10 times faster at sewing and well, we had things we needed to do.

Living Room 6

Do you all see why I’m so excited about it now? The drop cloths turned couch cover completely transformed the look of this room. It now has the cottage house style I adore. I love a good transformation.

Here’s the back side of the couch and a view of our living room I don’t share on here or Instagram much.

Living Room 11

Living Room 2

What do you think of the DIY couch cover?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Couch Cover

  1. What a lovely room! It’s just amazing. The slipcovers turned out perfectly! And the white pillow? Well, it’s just wonderful, too. 🙂

  2. Oh my what a talented mother you have! Its perfection and made your living space the perfect cottage!!

  3. You’re mom is super talented! I am impressed and it looks amazing. I have been doing the same with quilts and the tucking makes me nuts. I don’t have an amazing seamstress mom, so time for a new couch! 😉 And although I adore white, it doesn’t fit well into our family lifestyle. 😉 I might have to go for a nice gray. Love the space though-totally gorgeous.

    • She is super talented. I’m thankful she was able to help me. Yeah, the pulling and tucking gets old after a while. I’ve heard a lot of people like the white slip-covered couches even with kids because they can pull them off and throw them in the wash whenever they get dirty or spilled on. Grey is also a great choice. Glad we get to see you guys in a couple of weeks.

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