Master Bedroom Shelves

I want to give you all a quick update on the shelves I just completed for our Master Bedroom. The hubs needed somewhere to put his books because I didn’t like the way they looked on his nightstand… I know, I’m kind of particular like that. In my defense, I did have a solution in mind for where the books would go. Our bedroom has these random cutouts along one wall and I thought it would be the perfect place to install some shelves to store books and decor.

I mean, don’t the books look so much better here than taking up a large amount of space on a nightstand?


Those chippy, turquoise spindles are leftovers from the candle holders I made the other day and blogged about here. You can’t just throw away that chippy goodness, so I stuck them in my Decor Steals locker basket and love the texture it adds to the shelf.

Shelves 4

The antique looking clock was a thrift find for a whole $2, it was a steal.

Mr & Mrs

I made the Mr. & Mrs. signs specifically for these shelves. Aren’t they fun?

Mr & Mrs 2

Shelves 5

The brackets for the shelves were purchased at Ikea for $0.50 each, and I bought a 1×8 piece of wood from the home depot. I cut the wood, painted them white, attached the brackets, and had the hubs help me hang them on the wall. It was all budget friendly, and I used things I already had (or made) for the decor.

Shelves 6

I plan to make a bench and add a floor lamp to make this area a small reading nook.

I’m slowly making progress on our Master Bedroom Makeover. There are still some finishing details to complete in this room, but I’m hoping soon I”ll be able to do a big reveal.

Shelves 2

What do you think about the new master bedroom shelves?


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