TV Armoire to Functional Entryway Bench

The hubs often tells me my constant changing around of home decor causes our house to lose function on a daily basis. For instance, he doesn’t agree that TWO super cute throw pillows are necessary on our chair in the living room. Well, we can just agree to disagree about that, but for a little good measure I decided to add a bit of function back with this project. We own a large, excessively heavy armoire that has made a home in our front entryway. I’ve gone back and forth about whether to paint it white or not. I’ve also been wanting to create a coat rack in our entry for when our friends come over, but again haven’t been able to decide exactly what I want it to look like.

Here are a few of my coat rack inspirations that I’ve thought about doing:

The beautiful Liz Marie inspired me with her awesome front entry coat rack several months ago. Isn’t it wonderful? I love the distressed look as well as the shelf for decor.

Liz Marie Coat Rack

Then there’s the gorgeous Alma and her entryway creation. I just love how she incorporated a few Hobby Lobby finds into an amazing statement piece when you first walk in.

Almafied Coat Rack

Then I found this photo on Pinterest and everything seemed to click. I asked the hubs if he was cool with me taking the armoire completely apart and re-doing it and lucky me I got the go ahead.

Pinterest Inspiration

So, here are a few before photos of our armoire.

Armoire Before

I love all the little details of this piece, which is why I was hesitant to change it at first. Some people are weary of painting over nice wood furniture, but not me. I like things light and bright and a huge dark piece in my house is simply asking for a makeover.

Armoire Before 2

So, after taking this beast apart, I used some of the pieces, put it back together, and created a new, functional entryway bench and coat rack that I’m so excited about.

Front Entry Bench 9

I painted it with my own homemade chalk paint (took 4 coats), distressed it just so, and applied a layer of clear wax. It has completed transformed the entire look of this space and the hubs was pleasantly surprised when he came home from work and saw what I had done.



Front Entry Bench 2

Front Entry Bench 3

Front Entry Bench 7

I snagged the adorable 1, 2, 3, 4 coat hanger on clearance from HomeGoods several weeks ago. The two hooks on the side were purchased at Home Depot.

Front Entry Bench 11

Front Entry Bench 9

This is honestly one of my favorite Diy projects. Every time I walk by it I smile because I’m so in love with the transformation, not to mention the functionality of this piece. Plus, I have several quality pieces of wood left over to make other fun things with.

What do you all think of my Diy transformation?


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4 thoughts on “TV Armoire to Functional Entryway Bench

  1. I have this exact same cabinet in black. I feel like it’s bulky and just takes up space. I love what you have done! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Thanks, Melissa. I felt the exact same way and disliked how dark it made everything feel. It really transformed the entire look of the room and it’s so much more my style. I would highly recommend this project.

  2. Cute. Nice job.

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