Up-cycled Table Lamp

The hubs and I spent a chunk of our weekend going through old items that we ended up donating to the Goodwill. It’s so refreshing to purge clothes and home decor items that haven’t been used in years as well as knowing they will go to someone who needs them more than you. When going through stuff I ask myself a couple questions, “How long has it been since you’ve worn/used this item” and “Can this be re-purposed and used somewhere in the house”? I sometimes get myself in trouble with the second question because I love to up-cycle things so much that I tend to convince myself I’ll do something with it and never actually do. However, as you know, we’ve been in the process of redoing our master bedroom (check out the inspiration board) and getting rid of mismatch nightstands, lamps, etc. Our bed has been back ordered but I hope to have a final reveal to post in the near future. Anyways, the hubs had a table lamp on his side of the bed that was in good condition but just not my style. I knew it had potential and therefore decided it would be up-cycled and used in another area of our home, especially since lamps can be a bit pricey these days.

This is what the lamp looked like before.

Table Lamp Before

I ended up only re-using the base of the table lamp and purchased a new shade from Ikea. The base was in good condition and I knew it would cost $20+ to buy a new one.

Table Lamp Base Before

I got out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in old white and painted the entire base. It probably took about 3-4 coats to get a solid covering. I then distressed it all over to give it a shabbier look which goes with my Cottage, Farmhouse feel throughout our home.

Check out the final product.

Table Lamp 4

Table Lamp 5

Table Lamp 3

Table Lamp 6

Table Lamp 1

The table lamp adds a lot of character to this little corner in our living, I’m so happy that I decided to keep it and give the lamp new life. The grey barn door in the background is an awesome piece left over from my TV Armoire to Functional Entryway Bench post. I took the entire armoire apart and re-built it into an entryway bench which is so much more functional. The best part was that I still have a few awesome pieces of wood, like this one, that will also get re-purposed in our house.

What do you think of the new table lamp?


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2 thoughts on “Up-cycled Table Lamp

  1. Good job Kaily! Nice job reusing the lamp.
    I love it and I like the new pillows also. You have done a great job. I was trying to remember what the door was behind the chair but you said it was the armoire. You amaze me.

  2. recycled material,
    it looks great

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